Water Purifier PCB Assemblies and Water Purifier Design Solution in India

SGS Tekniks is one of the leading manufacturer of water purifier PCB assemblies and provides wide range of water purifier design solutions.

In Urban India, 70% of Households rely on tap water and 27% rely on ground water for their drinking water needs (Based on Census 2011 data – Drinking Water Source by Households). These sources of water can be a common carrier of various disease-causing microbiological contaminants like viruses, bacteria, fungus and parasites. These contaminants make the water unfit for consumption and may lead to several water-borne diseases like cholera, diarrhoea and typhoid. As a result, experts recommend using a RO water purifier that can protect you and your family from these water-borne diseases by removing all the life-threatening contaminants.

Water Purifier PCB Assembly

Features of water purifier

RO water purification provides added layer of protection compared to just using UF or UV filtration technology as it can remove the minutest of the chemical contaminants which might bypass the other filtration technologies when used alone. Combining RO water purification with UV filtration ensures purest drinking water free of any form of contaminants. Some below listed Features are developed by SGS Tekniks R & D :

· Lamp Driver Circuit

We have variety of different Wattage of UV Lamp drivers like 4W, 8W,11W etc. UV Lamp exposes living organisms, such as bacteria, viruses, or cysts (like Cryptosporidium and Giardia) to a germicidal ultraviolet wavelength. With enough energy, UV radiation at the 254-nm wavelength disrupts the DNA in pathogenic microorganisms so they cannot reproduce. The ultraviolet light prevents bacteria from spreading disease through drinking water.

· TDS Monitoring

Some areas of the country have higher levels of these dissolved minerals in their water making it “hard” and other areas have lower levels. Anything under 200 mg/L (or ppm) is good and 100 mg/L is considered excellent. As the TDS level goes below this level (as the minerals are removed) the water has a lower pH and becomes more acidic or corrosive. This causes a noticeable difference in the taste of the water. TDS levels over 400 mg/L are considered non-potable (don’t drink that stuff). We have designed circuit for monitoring the TDS of purified water. User can set the TDS level manually. According to output TDS value, water purifier unit will switch automatically between RO/UV modes.

· Electronic Authentication for Filter

We have Advance Feature of authentication in our Design. It secures the Authentication mechanism between water purifier and filter elements. This will seize the purifier unit in case of Duplicate filter Installation.

· WIFI Enabled Smart Water Purifier

For making Smart water purifier, we interfaced our purifier unit with Internet using WIFI module. Also we can monitor our purifier using Mobile Application. And we can also provide solution with BLE/LORAWAN.

· Monitoring life of Filter

The diagnostic system includes monitoring of filter life using RTC / Flow sensor which provides an automatic indication to the user when the filter has reached end-of-life.

· Power Saving Mode 

It has an energy-saving mode that makes Purifier a power-efficient product. If user is not using the unit for a specified time then unit will go to the Sleep mode.

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