Why SGS Tekniks

Why SGS Tekniks?
SGS Tekniks offers following USP’s to partner OEM’s:
  • 01
    One Stop solution for all type of electronic products whether in the form of PCB Assemblies OR Box build including electronics, Magnetics, Plastic and Metal parts
  • 02
    Small to large volumes with multiple variety
  • 03
    Year on year cost reductions thru:
    • Rich experience in global buying
    • Alternate sourcing
    • Continuous productivity improvement
  • 04
    Class 8/9 temperature & humidity controlled production facilities
  • 05
    Prototyping in < 4 weeks
  • 06
    Strict adherence to AVL(Approved Vendor List) of customers
  • 07
    UL approved products
  • 08
    Bar coding for complete traceability
  • 09
  • 10
    Experience and strong partnership record.
  • 11
    Business practices
  • 12
    SAP implementation across all functions operations
  • 13
    Net based remote connectivity for power supply testing based on consumer requirement
  • 14
    English Speaking trained manpower
  • 15
    Risk mitigation thru plants spread over different locations in India
Why EMS?
In summary partnering will benefit you through:-
  • 01
    Cost effective entry into markets
  • 02
    Minimization of risk
  • 03
    Reduction of total product cost
  • 04
    Additional cash for strategic reinvestment including brand & market penetration
  • 05
    Increased supply chain flexibility and responsiveness
  • 06
    Access to advanced manufacturing technology
  • 07
    In house full function design and engineering capability for product development, documentation customized testing and in process reliability checks
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