Design Services

Complete Product Design Capabilities

For complete product design and development, we work with our customers to achieve solutions for new and evolving product requirements.

Our Team provides you with an end to end solution that takes your product from design concepts and pilot builds, to production in one of our five manufacturing locations around the country.

SGS Tekniks Design Services

A Track Record of significant Cost Reduction & Time- to- Market

Product Design and Development team of 30 Design engineers, conveniently located in our two Design Centers: One in Stuttgart, Germany & another in Gurgaon, India.

We have experience in designing in Communication Equipments, Appliances, Metering, Automotive & Power Supplies and various kinds of industrial and semi-industrial products..

SGS Tekniks provides a full spectrum of engineering services from concept development to sustaining engineering and has expertise across a broad array of disciplines like electrical, mechanical and industrial and software development. In concert with our multiple manufacturing facilities SGS Tekniks is expert in project planning, prototyping and facilitating seamless transfer to manufacturing of its customer’s products.

We partner with you to create products that are innovative, reliable and engineered for maximum performance throughout their entire life cycle.

Extensive Design Capabilities

  • Concept & Feasibility
  • Project Planning & Risk Analysis
  • System Architecture
  • Program Management
  • Rapid Design & Development
  • Optical Imaging, Electrical, Mechanical, Industrial, Test, Software, Firmware
  • Regulatory Guidance & Compliance
  • System Design
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Verification & Validation
  • Transitional Manufacturing
  • Saleable Production
  • Production Scale-Up
  • Sustaining Engineering

Design & Development

  • Concept & Feasibility
  • Project Planning
  • Risk Analysis
  • Regulatory Guidance & Compliance
  • Process Development
  • Design For Excellence

Transition to Manufacturing

  • Rapid Prototyping
  • DFM
  • Documentation
  • Production Readiness
  • Validation & Verification
  • Transitional Manufacturing
  • Test Design
  • Pilot Run

Sustaining Engineering

  • Value Engineering
  • ECO Management
  • RoHS & Ebvironmental Compliance Transition
  • End-of-Life Engineering
  • Design ‘Upgrades’
  • PCB Re-Layout
  • Warranty & Repair Analysis
SGS Solutions GmbH

SGS Solutions GmbH is located in Winnenden, 20km in the north of Stuttgart, Germany. The central position with good travel connections vanishes the distance to you. Only a few hours until we can meet you in Frankfurt, Munich, Zuerich, Berlin, Paris, Wien or Hamburg.

You reached the limit of manpower? You are looking for a fast, flexible and cost-attractive partner? Then you should not hesitate to test us.

Being a subsidiary of SGS Tekniks India, SGS Solutions provides flexibility for handling huge projects with additional manpower. Benefit from the close connection between production and development. Our designs are all time optimised for efficient manufacturing. Read more »

Although SGS Solution GmbH is founded within the near past – long time experience is waiting for your challenge – over 20 year electronic production and more than 12 years in electronic development formed us to experts.

  • Professional project management for a controlled progress.
  • Function and circuit diagram design.
  • Hardware design and prototypes.
  • Software design for microcontrollers.
  • EMS and optimisation to mass production.

As a “Full-service provider” we offer the complete way starting with your idea up to the finished product. As well, we can support your own developments with manpower and knowledge.

Our Expertise

Fast and safe in reaching the targets

Structured and complete documentations are also important for us as observance of agreed timetables.

In close work together with our customers, we offer :

  • Professional project management for a controlled progress.
  • Market approvals and conformity marks (i.e. TÜV, VDE, UL).
  • Development of test plans for mass production to ensure your quality standards.

We have special experiences in electronic development for :

  • Line power supplied devices at 230V/400V, eg. Electric Tools, White Goods.
  • Development of battery driven goods and battery management. In example battery charger,
    protection circuits or control of high current used in battery cordless screwdriver or lawn mower.
  • Switched power supply, PFC (power factor correction) and UPS (uninterrupted power supply.
  • Motor control electronics for all known motor types like universal-, DC-, induction- or synchronous
  • Lighting systems in LED technology or CFL (compact fluorescent lamp).

Schematic and hardware design :

We choose the best parts and develop the according circuit to meet your requirements. Triacs, Mosfets or IGBTs are standard semiconductors for us. It doesn’t matter whether your device is powered with 400 volt or current over 100 amperes is flowing trough the wires. We will find the adequate design.

Benefit from over 5.000 parts in our production stock. We prefer this parts for new designs to give you the best price by increasing the part volume.

We offer IPC-standard Layout design. At the moment we use EAGLE, Protel und Orcad. Through interfaces our data can be transferred into your system easily. We can also rout your schematic into production data (Gerber).

Each device needs a housing. Metal or plastic; together with our well known partner we can take care of this part for you, too. Design, prototypes (i.e. laser sintered) or in high volume for mass production can be organized by us.

Software Development :

Firmware for all known micro controller in 8-, 16-, 32-Bit architecture (i.e. Atmel AVRs, PIC, dsPIC oder von ST Microelectronics) are written by our own. You can choose the language, assembler, C or C++. Detailed documentations and explanations are extremely important for us. Flowcharts assure that you can maintain your software many years later.

To know more about SGS Solutions GmbH Click Here

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