Control of Counterfeit Parts in Electronic Manufacturing Services


In recent times, the Electronic manufacturing segment has been seized of the problem of counterfeit parts and the subject of ‘Control of Counterfeit Parts’ is gaining huge momentum.

Many of the suppliers have very poor parts control and internal corruption is rampant. Even some of the defence and aerospace assemblies have seen counterfeits showing up. This problem also has a direct relation to customers declaring “I wanted it yesterday” & “Lowest price” slogans.

Buying from manufacturers directly or from their authorized distributors should become a practice with EMS providers. Training the entire supply chain not only internally, but also our sub suppliers on CCP will see a marked improvement.

Customers giving realistic forecasts well in advance will help electronic manufacturing companies source their components only from ‘Authorized Distributors or Resellers’ coupled with ‘Mandatory COC’ will mitigate to a large extent the problem of Counterfeit parts and control more effective.

We should have stronger business regulations, tighter counterfeit laws and more reliable shippers. Electronic and business confederations viz. ELCINA, CII, FICCI should pitch in with more number of seminars and awareness programs to highlight the effect of counterfeit parts and train the industry in effectively mitigating them.